From the simple shape of a flower or the forming of the cosmos, nature has a way of expressing itself through colour and form that allows it at times to assume identifiable structures, textures and shapes. Sometimes these forms last only momentarily like the forms that are expressed in an aquatic environment or in the gaseous forms of outer space and at other times these forms, like in the case of a flower give us a longer lasting sense of permanence. However, all of nature is in motion. Nature shows herself to us through her energy cycle that allows for continuous creation and transformation. Some of her moments of creation and transformation last longer than others. All we need to do is to be open to her wonder and use our senses and we will see her reveal herself.

My approach to connecting and expressing nature through my painting is primarily with acrylics on canvas and one of my favourite tools is a palette knife. Some of my paintings are begun on an easel, others on the floor. Almost all of my paintings are finished on the floor or on a raised surface in which I can move in a circle around my work.

I use a generous application of acrylic paint and I am drawn to using an impasto application more than any other. Recently, I have begun to explore using this technique on larger surfaces. I am intrigued by the comments that people have made referring to the power and energy that they feel in many of the paintings.

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