If your organization or group is looking for a unique way to engage people’s creative spirits, you may want to consider a Performance Art Event!

I’ve come to realize that allowing individuals the opportunity to observe a painting being created can bring a great deal of joy to the audience. Witnessing the creation of a piece of art from inception to completion allows people to connect with the creative process. The painting can be created right in the workplace or at your special event. A canvas of any size can be selected to suit your needs and people can be invited to watch the creation of the art. It’s your choice. You can then choose to have the piece installed in your workplace or consider rewarding or donating the painting to an individual or organization.

A painting possesses an energy that can have a positive effect on the mood and attitude of an individual. Witnessing the creative process of painting can be both stimulating and inspiring. When I create abstract expressive art I use an acrylic medium. The faster drying nature of this medium encourages an artist to work the painting at a high energy level until it is completed. Depending on the size of the canvas, creation can take anywhere from 60 minutes to a few hours. For more information on booking and pricing of a Performing Art event, please contact me directly for a quotation.
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